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Hall of the Kings

The throne room of Minas Tirith

A chamber in the Citadel of Minas Tirith, from which the Kings of Gondor ruled their kingdom, and after them the Ruling Stewards. The long hall had a high ceiling, decorated with gold and many colours, upheld by rows of great black marble columns. Between those columns stood stone statues of the ancient Kings of Gondor, going back to Elendil and Isildur.

At the end of the hall was a tall dais, on which the throne of Gondor stood, beneath an image of the Crown of Gondor carved from marble, and behind it on the wall was an image of a tree in flower. This throne was used only by the Kings: after Eärnur was lost, the Ruling Stewards installed a black stone chair at the base of the royal dais, to symbolise the idea that they ruled only in the name of the King. When the Kingship was restored under Aragorn Elessar, the great throne of the Hall of Kings was used again for the first time in nearly a thousand years.

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