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The second son of Tar-Calmacil

A Númenórean of the royal house, being the younger son of King Tar-Calmacil the eighteenth ruler of the island kingdom. His line of descent made him the uncle of Tar-Calmacil's grandson Ar-Adûnakhôr, who broke with tradition by taking his royal name in the Adûnaic tongue. Some sources suggest that Gimilzagar was the ancestor of Inzilbêth the mother of Tar-Palantir, though the details of this ancestry are open to question.



Gimilzagar's relationship to Inzilbêth is problematic. Some sources suggest that Inzilbêth was Gimilzagar's daughter, but the two were separated by several generations, so this seems to be impossible. Perhaps Gimilzagar the son of Tar-Calmacil had a descendant who shared his name, and this descendant was Inzilbêth's father, but there is no direct evidence to confirm this connection.

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