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Western Lebennin, in the south of Gondor
In the White Mountains, some forty miles south of Min-Rimmon
One, unnamed
Into the River Serni above Linhir


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River Gilrain

The western border-river of Lebennin

Rivers of Gondor

A long river that flowed south out of the White Mountains through western Lebennin in the south of Gondor. It was a tributary of the River Serni, that it joined above Linhir, and legend said that Nimrodel had walked its banks as she came south out of the White Mountains.



This derivation is connected to the legend of Nimrodel. Though the Gilrain was for most of its length a fast, straight river, there was a region about half-way between its source and its mouth where it wandered somewhat, and formed a small mere before flowing on. According to the story, Nimrodel herself wandered beside the river as she descended from the White Mountains, and saw the reflected stars glinting in the mere's waters. She sat beside the pool and slept, and so she did not reach Amroth's ship before it sailed.

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