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Maiar of Ulmo (though followed Melkor for a time)
gy'rus (y here represents the sound of English 'eye'; u should be pronounced as in French 'lune')
'Dreadful one'
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A name for the Maia Ossë

The name in Sindarin for the Maia better known by his Quenya name of Ossë, whose special province was the coastal waters of the ocean, and who held power over storms and tempests. The name is related to gaer in Belegaer, which literally means 'awe' or 'dread', a reference to the great fear felt by the Elves when they first encountered the Great Sea.

Actually the direct Sindarin equivalent of the name Ossë was Yssi, conventionally with a masculine ending -on, so - especially among the shoreland Grey-elves more familiar with this being - his name would have been Yssion. The name Gaerys was more common among inland Sindar, whose dread of Ossë's wild tempests led them to adapt Yssi by prefixing it with more negative gaer-, thus creating the form Gaerys.

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