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Flower of the West

The Númenórean who became Tar-Palantir

The eldest son of King Ar-Gimilzôr of Númenor was named Inziladûn in the Adûnaic tongue by his mother Inzilbêth. The name was doubtless chosen to reflect Inzilbêth's own sympathies for the Faithful party who wished to remain in close contact with the Elves of Eressëa and keep to the traditions laid down for the Númenóreans by the Valar. Its meaning was 'Flower of the West' (Númellótë in Elvish).

As the eldest son of the King, Inziladûn succeeded to the Sceptre and chose a new royal name, Tar-Palantir, the 'far-sighted King' aiming to bring the Númenóreans back to their old friendship with the Eldar. His original name was preserved in the Adûnaic version of this royal title, Ar-Inziladûn, and also in his device, which was formed from a stylised floral pattern.

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