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First War

The primordial conflict of Arda

The conflict waged between the Valar and Melkor in the first beginnings of Arda, before the World was fully formed or living things had come into being. After many years,1 the Valar were joined by a new Power, Tulkas, with whose aid they were able to force Melkor to flee into the Void. After the end of the War, the Valar had peace for a time, settling on the island of Almaren until Melkor's return brought destruction and chaos once more.



According to the Annals of Aman in volume 10 of The History of Middle-earth, the First War began the moment the Valar entered Arda, and continued for some 1,500 Valian Years until Tulkas changed the balance of power and brought the conflict to an end. In modern terms, then, the First War lasted more than 14,000 solar years.

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