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The wife of Gorlim

Before war descended on the northern lands, Gorlim and Eilinel were husband and wife in Dorthonion. Gorlim went to fight for his lord Barahir, but when he returned to his house, he found it ransacked and empty, and his wife Eilenel was lost. At this time Dorthonion was overrun by Morgoth's forces, and so Gorlim fled into the hills with Barahir and his men, now reduced to desperate outlaws in their own land. He could not forget Eilinel, though, and would often return to his deserted house in hope of finding her there.

One day, he discovered her gaunt and forlorn figure in the ruins of their house, but when he went to her, he was captured and taken to Sauron. The figure he had seen was a phantom devised for that very purpose. After a long resistance, Gorlim at last agreed to betray Barahir if he could be reunited with Eilinel. Sauron agreed, and after discovering where the outlaws were hidden, kept his part of the bargain by torturing Gorlim to death.

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