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Built by the Gondorians early in the Third Age; presumed destroyed in the War of the Ring in III 3019, or shortly thereafter1
In the northern Ephel Dúath, west of the valley of Udûn
Built by Men, but later controlled by the forces of Sauron
'Dark oppression'2


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An old castle of northern Mordor

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A castle of Mordor that stood in the northern Ephel Dúath, on the slopes some miles west of the Isenmouthe.



The nearby Towers of the Teeth were destroyed in the Downfall of Barad-dûr, but there's no way to be sure whether Durthang met the same fate. If it did somehow survive that cataclysm, though, it would almost certainly have been demolished by the Gondorians soon afterwards.


The dark name Durthang would only make sense after Sauron's forces returned to Mordor and captured this castle. Presumably its original builders would have given it a less evil name but, if so, no trace of that earlier name survives.

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