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Captain of the Haven

A military leader of Umbar

The officer in charge of the forces at the Haven of Umbar. In the time of Steward Ecthelion II (just under forty years before joining the Fellowship of the Ring) Aragorn in his guise as Thorongil led a small fleet southward from Gondor to Umbar and mounted a devastating surprise raid, setting fire to many of the Corsairs' vessels. The response to this raid was led by the unnamed Captain of the Haven, who fought with Aragorn on the quays of his port. Aragorn had the victory, and the Captain met his fate1 on the dockside of Umbar.



The Captain of the Haven was presumably killed in that conflict, but that isn't actually stated categorically. Instead, we're only told (in Appendix A I (iv) to The Lord of the Rings) that Aragorn 'overthrew' the Captain, a form of wording that is open to interpretation.

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