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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
North of the Isle of Balar, marking the northern extent of the Bay of Balar
Balar is pronounced 'ba'lar'
Uncertain, but possibly derived from báláre, a reference to Ossë, who visited the Elves on the Isle to the south


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Cape Balar

The cape to the west of Arvernien

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Map of Cape Balar

A small cape that extended out into the Great Sea from the coastlands of southwestern Arvernien in West Beleriand, marking the northwestern extent of the wide Bay of Balar. The region of Balar (Cape, Bay and Isle) was significant as the ultimate source of the name Beleriand, but beyond its etymological importance the Cape of Balar played no known part in the histories of the First Age. It was lost with most of Beleriand when it was consumed by the Sea during the War of Wrath that brought the First Age to a close.

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