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This name was humorously discussed during the rebuilding of the Shire, probably in III 3020 (1420 by the Shire-reckoning)
The row was beneath Bag End on Hobbiton Hill; it was jokingly referred to Sharkey's End in Bywater
Rebuilt from the ruins of Bagshot Row
Sharkey is a reference to Saruman, who met his end1 at Bag End above this row
Other names
A replacement for Bagshot Row; the names Battle Gardens and Better Smials were also mooted, but 'New Row' was finally chosen


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Sharkey’s End

A name in Bywater for New Row

Map of Sharkey's End

Bagshot Row was an old row of three Hobbit-holes cut into Hobbiton Hill beneath Bag End, one of which was home to the Gamgee family. During the time that Sharkey and his Men held power in the Shire, the row - along with much else in the Shire - was destroyed and its occupants evicted. After the return of the Travellers, Sharkey was murdered by his servant Gríma before the door of Bag End, and eventually the row was remade by the Shire-hobbits, who (after some deliberation) chose the simple name 'New Row'.

In typically punning Hobbit fashion, New Row acquired a jocular version of its name. In nearby Bywater it became known as 'Sharkey's End', as a reference to the demise of Sharkey on the Hill above the row.



The word 'end' here implies a cul-de-sac, a road the leads nowhere (as in Bag End above the row, which no doubt helped to inspire Sharkey's End). The name has a jocular double meaning here, of course, and also refers to the place where Sharkey literally met his end.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 23 January 2020
  • This entry is complete

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