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The Grey-elves settled Beleriand and its surrounding lands during the Years of the Trees; their time in Mithrim came to an end c. I 4881
Mithrim, the southeastern regions of Hithlum north of Beleriand
Took refuge in the caves of Androth after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Mithrim is pronounced 'mi'thrim'
Mithrim originally meant 'grey people' as a reference to these Elves, but came to be applied to the land in which they lived
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Grey-elves of Mithrim

A northern branch of the Sindar

The Grey-elves of Beleriand were a Telerin people, followers of Thingol who had remained in Middle-earth when their fellow Teleri set out across the Sea into the West. As the starlit ages passed, some of these Sindar spread northwards across Ered Wethrin, settling in the lands beyond the mountains. By the time the Noldor returned to Middle-earth, we know that there were Grey-elves dwelling in Nevrast, and a little to the east in the mountain-walled land of Mithrim.

These people would have seen the great Dagor-nuin-Giliath, the first battle between the Noldor and the Orcs, which was fought in their land. These were the first of the Sindar to converse with the returned Noldor, and it was they who brought the first news of the momentous events in the North to the ears of Thingol and Círdan.

After this the folk of Fingolfin of the Noldor settled for the most part in Mithrim, and seem to have enjoyed the friendship of the native Sindar, as did the Edain who entered the service of the Noldor. We know little more of the lives of the Grey-elves of Mithrim until after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, which ended in defeat for the Elves, and at that time they were driven to dwell in hiding in the foothills of the Mountains of Shadow. One group of these Elves stayed for a time in the caves of Androth under the leadership of Annael, and it was these that aided Rían and raised her son Tuor. Annael's Elves were hunted down by the Easterlings and Orcs that had infested the land. This may have been the end of the Grey-elves of Mithrim, though it is possible that others may have survived to make the long journey south to the Mouths of Sirion.



In I 488 the last of the Grey-elves of Mithrim that we know about, Annael and his people, attempted to escape from their occupied land and make their way south to the Havens of Sirion. They failed, and were killed or captured by Orcs and Easterlings. It is possible that other fugitive bands of Grey-elves survived after this date, but if so we have no record of them.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 6 November 2021
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