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Born after III 654; died before III 9131
Probably 'lord of ships'2


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Ancestor of the later Ship-kings of Gondor

One of the sons of King Siriondil of Gondor. His elder brother was Tarannon, who took the title Falastur and ruled as King of Gondor after his father. Tarannon's Queen Berúthiel was sent into exile. Tarannon therefore died childless, and so it was Tarciryan's son who succeeded Tarannon to the throne. This was Eärnil I, the second of the Ship-kings after Tarannon himself.



We have no specific dates for Tarciryan, but we can draw some conclusions based on his place in history. He was the younger brother of Tarannon, and since Tarannon's birth date is recorded as III 654, Tarciryan must have been born after that date. We also know that Tarannon was succeeded by Tarciryan's son Eärnil. The fact that Tarciryan did not succeed his brother to become King himself strongly implies that he was already dead by that date.


'Captain of Ships' was military title in Gondor, and conceivably Tarciryan's name represents a translation of this title. His brother Tarannon was Captain of the Hosts of Gondor before his accession to the Kingship, so perhaps Tarciryan commanded Gondor's navies under his brother's overall command. Our only real indication of this is the form of Tarciryan's name, which is hardly conclusive, but the line of Ship-kings he fathered shows that his family at least had a strong naval tradition.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 18 March 2017
  • This entry is complete

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