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Elendil's sword Narsil was broken in II 3441; its shards were reforged to form Andúril in late III 30181
Narsil shattered during combat between Elendil and Sauron
Other names
Blade that was Broken, Shards of Narsil; known before its breaking as Narsil, and after its reforging as Andúril


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The broken blade of Elendil

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Narsil, the sword of Elendil that broke beneath him when he fell in the War of the Last Alliance. Its shards were returned to Arnor, where they were kept as an heirloom for three thousand years. The sword was reforged as Andúril, and borne by Elendil's heir Aragorn in the War of the Ring.



The Sword-that-was-Broken was reforged at some point between 25 October and 25 December III 3018, but the exact date of the reforging is not known.

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