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The only named member of the family, Camellia, lived between about1 III 2860 and III 2950 (1260-1350 by the Shire-reckoning); the family existed for at least one generation before this, and almost certainly longer


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Sackville Family

A little-known family of the Shire-hobbits

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A wealthy and important family of Shire-hobbits. We only know one member by name: Camellia Sackville, who married Longo Baggins (an uncle of Bilbo). We do know that Camellia was an important member of the family: her (unnamed) father was its head, and after his death the headship of the Sackvilles passed through Camellia to her son Otho. Following convention, Otho therefore joined the name of the Sackville family to his father's Baggins heritage, giving rise to the rather notorious family known as the Sackville-Bagginses.



We don't have any dates for Camellia; the dates shown here are for her husband Longo Baggins.


The name implies that the ancestral Sackvilles came from a place famous for the manufacture of sacking (though no place named 'Sackville' or anything similar is recorded in the Shire). The connection between the sack of 'Sackville' and the bag of 'Baggins' is noted by Tolkien, though it does not appear to have any meaningful implications beyond simple comic effect.

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