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Devised in Valinor during the Years of the Trees
Invented by Fëanor, based on the work of Rúmil
'Parma series' (where parma, literally 'book', represents its initial sound 'p')


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Characters relating to the sound of p

The témar of the Tengwar

One of the various témar, or sound series, represented by the Tengwar characters. The letter-forms of this téma described the sound p and its derivatives (a series of sounds properly called labials, and including the sounds p, b, f, v and so on). Typically, the Tengwar characters used for this series were those with a closed lúva (or 'bow') curving right and downwards from the telco (or straight 'stem' of the letter). The name parmatéma literally means 'book-series', but the word 'book' is chosen here merely because it begins with a p in Elvish, reflecting the sounds described by this téma.

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