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Old Grange

A prominent building in Hobbiton

A large building that stood on the western side of the road from Hobbiton to the Hill. It consisted of a two-storey building on the road itself, connected to a series of wings that enclosed a yard. A 'grange' was traditionally used as a storehouse of grain, and though the Old Grange was much grander than a simple barn, it seems to have partly retained this connection (in his illustrations of Hobbiton - seen in J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator - Tolkien showed the Grange surrounded by large haystacks).. This perhaps implies a connection with the Old Mill, which stood just a little to the south of the Grange on the Water.

Whatever the Old Grange's purpose, it came to an end during the War of the Ring. At that time it was demolished, and in its place a series of sheds were erected.

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