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First built between c. II 1000 and c. II 1600; destroyed in II 3441; rebuilding began in III 2951; Finally destroyed in III 3019
On an outcrop of the Ered Lithui, in the northwest of Mordor
Built by Sauron
Uncertain, but probably lu'gboorz
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Map of Lugbúrz

A name of the Dark Tower of Barad-dûr. This was its name in the Black Speech, and so was the form actually used by the servants of Sauron, and presumably by Sauron himself.



The Black Speech name Lugbúrz is never directly translated, but as most other forms of this name mean 'Dark Tower', it is probably reasonable to assume that Lugbúrz carried a similar meaning. This is supported by the word burzum in the Ring-inscription, which means 'darkness' (and hence we can deduce that Black Speech lug likely means 'tower').

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