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The fuller name for the port and haven at the mouth of the River Gwathló, more usually referred to simply as Lond Daer, meaning 'Great Haven'. The suffix Enedh meant 'Middle', referring to its position midway between the havens of Lindon to the north, and Pelargir to the south.

The first harbour at the Gwathló's mouth was founded by the early Númenórean King Tar-Aldarion, who gave it its original name Vinyalondë ('New Haven'). As time went by, the sea encroached on the Númenórean harbour, and for at least part of its history Lond Daer lay in ruins. There is some evidence that it was ultimately restored, and played a key part in Tar-Minastir's victory over Sauron in Eriador.

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