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The Kingdom

The lands ruled by Elessar and his heirs

A rare term for the region that came under the rule of Aragorn Elessar after his coronation in Minas Tirith in III 3019. As Heir of Isildur he was by right the ruler of both the North- and South-kingdoms of the Dúnedain, Arnor and Gondor, which had been separate kingdoms since the death of Isildur more than three thousand years earlier. This new realm is typically referred to as the Reunited Kingdom, but on one occasion it is described simply as 'the Kingdom'. Given its vast extent (it covered most of the landmass of northwestern Middle-earth) and the lack of any other significant kingdoms nearby, it's not unlikely that simply calling Elessar's realm 'the Kingdom' was far more commonplace than our single recorded use would suggest.

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