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Meneldil, likely the first King to be entombed in Minas Tirith, died in III 158; the House remained in use until at least the death of Aragorn Elessar in IV 120
To the west of Minas Tirith, beneath the peak of Mindolluin
The first King to be laid in the House would probably have been Meneldil, first independent King of Gondor


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House of the Kings

The last resting place of Aragorn

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A tomb on the Silent Street, Rath Dínen, that lay between Minas Tirith and Mindolluin. On that street were memorials to the great of Gondor's history, and among the many mausoleums were the House of the Stewards and the House of the Kings, grand tombs for the Stewards and the Kings of Gondor. It was in the House of the Kings that Aragorn lay down in the year IV 120, and voluntarily gave up his life (an ability possessed by those of Númenórean descent).

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