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Used as a refuge by the Rohirrim from III 2510 (especially in the winter of III 2759); occupied and worked by Dwarves after the War of the Ring
The Deeping-stream probably had its source in these caves1
Something close to 'gla'mshravoo'
'caves of radiance'
Other names


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The Glittering Caves

The name among the Rohirrim for the shining caverns that lay behind Helm's Deep in the White Mountains, better known as the Glittering Caves or (in Elvish) Aglarond. Glæmscrafu is an Old English name, meaning 'radiant caves', a reference to their shimmering beauty. During the War of the Ring Gimli became captivated by these caverns, and after the War he settled there with a band of Dwarves to become Lord of the Glittering Caves.



Tolkien isn't specific about the source of the Deeping-stream, except to say that it ran out of Helm's Deep. However, the caves must have been created by flowing water, so it seems reasonable to assume that it was the stream's waters passing through the rock that formed the caverns of Glæmscrafu.

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