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Forsaken Inn

The last inn on the road into Eriador

Map of the Forsaken Inn
The approximate location of the Forsaken Inn1
"I don't know if the Road has ever been measured in miles beyond the Forsaken Inn, a day's journey east of Bree"
Words of Strider
The Fellowship of the Ring I 9
A Knife in the Dark

An inn that stood to the east of Bree, on the East-West Road that ran on through the wilds of Eriador and into the distant Misty Mountains. Almost nothing is known about the inn, but it must surely have had very few customers indeed on the bleak and dangerous road where it stood.

It is tempting to think that Bilbo and his companions stayed at the Forsaken Inn on their journey to Rivendell. They must surely have passed it on the way, and though there is no definite mention of it in The Hobbit, we are told there about leaving 'hobbit-lands' with 'an inn or two' that came to an end on the edges of the Lone-lands (The Hobbit 2, Roast Mutton).



The only clue we have to the Forsaken Inn's location is Strider's comment that it lay on the East Road, a day's travel eastward from Bree. Unfortunately he doesn't mention whether he means a day's journey on horseback or on foot, but given that Strider himself usually walked rather than rode, the map above places the Inn about twenty miles from Bree. On the other hand, it seems reasonable to imagine that inns might be placed for mounted travellers rather than those on foot; if this is what Aragorn meant, then the Inn would have been somewhat further to the east than in the map shown above.

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