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The Fool

Radagast, according to Saruman

One of several contemptuous and scornful titles used by Saruman of his fellow Wizard, Radagast. When the Istari were selected to travel to Middle-earth, Saruman - then known as Curumo - was the first to be selected; a Maia of the Vala Aulë. Aulë's spouse Yavanna wished to send a messenger of her own to tend to the living things of the World. Thus Curumo was given a companion (something that he clearly resented) in the form of Aiwendil the Bird-tamer. In Middle-earth, Aiwendil would become known as Radagast.

These events were more than two thousand years before the War of the Ring, but Saruman's resentment and scorn are still evident in the mocking titles he gave Radagast at that time: the Bird-tamer, the Fool, the Simple.

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