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A follower of Balin

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One of the Dwarves that set out from Erebor with Balin to recover their ancient city of Khazad-dûm. When they arrived there, they found that the occupying Orcs were ready to defend the city, and a battle was fought in the Dimrill Dale beneath the East-gate. Ultimately the Dwarves had the victory, but Flói did not live to see it. The account of his death is found only in the battered and partially illegible Book of Mazarbul, but it seems that he slew a great enemy before being felled himself by an Orc-arrow. The surviving Dwarves buried Flói in a grave near the Mirrormere.



It's unclear whether the name Flói is intended to carry a specific meaning; it may simply be modelled on the Old Norse pattern used in many other Dwarf-names. It might conceivably derive from fljótr, 'swift', but the connection is tenuous at best.

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