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Born in or soon before III 18951; slain III 1944 (lived c.49 years)
Uncertain; see the entry for the later Faramir for discussion
This is not the Faramir who took part in the War of the Ring, but a prince of Gondor who lived a thousand years before that later Faramir was born. For more on the later and better known character of the same name, see the entry for Faramir.


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The son of King Ondoher

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The younger son of King Ondoher of Gondor. When his father and elder brother Artamir rode to war with the Wainriders, he followed them in secret, though as the second in line to the throne he should have remained safe in Minas Anor. He was lost in the battle, as were his father and brother, leaving Gondor without an heir to the Kingship.



We're not told exactly when Faramir was born, but we have two clues: he was born three years after his elder brother Artamir, and his sister Fíriel was born in the year III 1896. Faramir must therefore have been born no later than III 1895 (or just possibly very early in III 1896).


The title of Regent was more usually associated with Minalcar (later King Rómendacil II, and Faramir's ancestor through twelve generations). Nonetheless, we're briefly told that Faramir was appointed to this position before Ondoher left for war, so that he was officially Regent for the brief period before he secretly left Minas Tirith to take his own disastrous part in the battle.

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