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To the north of Rivendell, beyond the River Hoarwell
'etten-' comes from Old English eoten, meaning 'giant'1
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The troll-country north of Rivendell

Another name for the land of highlands and valleys otherwise known as the Ettenmoors or the Coldfells. These were cold lands, far to the north of Rivendell, and little known to any but the Trolls that inhabited them. Aragorn's grandfather Arador had ventured into these hills and dales, but he was captured and killed by the Trolls that lurked there.



So, the Ettendales are literally 'giant-valleys'. It's unclear how literally these 'giants' are meant, and this may simply be a reference to the Trolls we know lived in this region. On the other hand, this may be a hint that the Ettendales were the original home of actual Giants.

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