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Dark Enemy

The name given to Melkor by Fëanor

From the first times after the World's creation, Melkor had been at war with the other Valar, misshaping and marring all that he touched. When the first Elves awoke, he sent his creatures to torment them, and to protect them the Valar sent a great force against Melkor and took him captive. He spent three ages imprisoned in the Halls of Mandos, but after his release, he plotted revenge against the Elves, many of whom had also travelled to Valinor.

As Melkor's plans came to fruition, the Two Trees were destroyed, and Valinor was plunged into darkness. Slaying Finwë the father of Fëanor, Melkor escaped from Valinor into Middle-earth with the Silmarils. Filled with rage, Fëanor assembled the Noldor and set out in search of revenge, swearing an Oath to recover the Three Jewels. At that time, he gave Melkor a new name, Morgoth, 'Dark Enemy', and by that name he is known in all the later tales of Beleriand.

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