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North Ithilien, on the banks of the Anduin opposite Cair Andros
Cormallen means 'golden ring'1


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Field of Cormallen

A garth of Ithilien

A tree-lined field in North Ithilien, on the banks of the Anduin near to Cair Andros. It was here that Frodo and Sam were received after they achieved the Quest of Mount Doom, and praised with great praise.



Given that Frodo the Ring-bearer was received here, it would be tempting to imagine that the field had been named in his honour: 'Cormallen, the Field of the Golden Ring'. In fact, this connection seems to be entirely coincidental. In the Appendix to The Silmarillion, Christopher Tolkien notes that the field was known as 'the golden ring' simply because it was encircled by red-golden culumalda trees.

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