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Elrond was made Vice-regent c. II 17011; King Gil-galad was slain in II 3441,2 but Elrond remained in Imladris until he departed into the West in III 3021
Eriador was the land that lay between the Blue Mountains in the west and the Misty Mountains in the east
Appointed after the loss of Eregion
Descended from the Edain, Maiar, Noldor, Sindar and Vanyar
Elrond was Lord of Rivendell, originally as a representative of Gil-galad of the Elves of Lindon
Imladris (Rivendell), on the eastern borders of Eriador
Eriador is pronounced 'eri'adorr' ('rr' emphasises that the final r sound should be pronounced)
Eriador means 'lonely land' or 'Lone-lands'
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Vice-regent of Eriador

A title granted to Elrond by Gil-galad

After the fall of Eregion, Elrond set out with a small force to relieve the survivors, but he came close to destruction himself when he encountered the massed armies of Sauron. The Dwarves of Khazad-dûm came to his rescue, attacking Sauron's force from the rear, and thus Elrond was able to escape to the north. In the year II 1697, he came to a hidden valley in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, and there he established a refuge and stronghold named Imladris (which would become better known to history as Rivendell).

Sauron sent an army to pursue Elrond northwards, and they laid siege to the new refuge at Imladris, but with the aid of King Gil-galad, Elrond was able to lift the siege. The Númenóreans drove Sauron back into Mordor and won peace for a time, but the loss of Eregion meant that the Elves no longer had a stronghold in Eriador. A council was held, and it was agreed that Imladris would become the new outpost of the Elves in the lands between the Misty Mountains and the Blue. At that time, King Gil-galad appointed Elrond as his vice-regent in Eriador, to rule over the Elves of that region in the High King's name. To aid Elrond in this task, Gil-galad granted him Vilya, the Blue Ring.

Elrond dwelt in Imladris from that time forward, but as the Second Age came to an end, war with Sauron broke out once again. This was the War of the Last Alliance, in which the Elves joined with the Dúnedain to march against Sauron in Mordor. In that war Gil-galad was lost, the last of the Kings of the Elves east of the Great Sea. With the loss of the King, Elrond's vice-regency would also have come to an end (for he no longer had a King to represent), but Elrond remained in Imladris, maintaining it as the Last Homely House westward of the Misty Mountains.

The events of the War of the Ring, an Age after the War of the Last Alliance, brought the Blue Ring's power to an end. At last Elrond set out from his home of millennia3 to travel across the Sea with the other Keepers of the Three Rings.



Gil-galad conferred the vice-regency on Elrond at a council convened after the victory in the War of the Elves and Sauron. That war concluded in the year II 1701, and the council was clearly brought together shortly afterwards, but not necessarily in that precise year.


Gil-galad was the last of his line, and with the ending of that line, the royal authority for Elrond's vice-regency must formally have come to an end. In practical terms, this had little effect on arrangements: Elrond continued as Lord of Rivendell throughout the Third Age.


Imladris was founded in II 1697, and Elrond left it in III 3021, so at the time he passed over the Sea, Elrond had dwelt there for a total of 4,764 years.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 15 July 2022
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