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StingThe ‘short sword’ of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins
Stinging FlyA title claimed by Bilbo Baggins
Everlasting DarknessThe fate of those failing to keep the Oath of Fëanor
Everlasting WhitenessThe peak of the Holy Mountain

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Great Hall of FeastsThe feasting-hall of Minas Tirith
HornetsLarge stinging insects
House of the KingsThe last resting place of Aragorn
House of the StewardsLast resting-place of the Stewards of Gondor
Loeg NingloronThe resting-place of the Ring
River AscarLast resting-place of the treasures of Doriath
The WasteLast resting place of the Master of Lake-town
Tombs of the KingsResting-places of the rulers of Gondor

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