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OrthancThe unbreachable tower within the Ring of Isengard
Orthanc-rockThe unbreakable pillar at the centre of Isengard
Orthanc-stoneThe palantír of the Tower of Orthanc
Key of OrthancThe Key to Saruman's Tower
Pinnacle of OrthancThe high tower of Isengard
Stone of OrthancSaruman’s palantír
Tower of OrthancStronghold of Saruman
Treegarth of OrthancTreebeard’s garden of Isengard

Related topics

BerenThe Steward who installed Saruman in Orthanc
Circle of IsengardThe outer wall of Orthanc
Gate of IsengardThe guarded archway that led to Orthanc
Lord of IsengardRuler of the Circle surrounding Orthanc
Mount FangA name for the tower of Orthanc
Ring of IsengardThe defences of Orthanc
Third Tower of GondorOrthanc within Isengard

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