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NobOne of the servants of Barliman Butterbur
NobottleA village of the northwestern Shire

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AerinA noblewoman of Dor-lómin
DervorinA noble of Western Gondor
EdainThe noblest of Men
ElrohirThe noble twin son of Elrond
Elven-kingsMost noble of all Elven-kind
FinduilasA noble lady of Dol Amroth
GelmirIll-fated nobleman of Nargothrond
GwindorA noble Elf of Nargothrond
HallatanA nobleman of ancient Númenor
High-elvenMost noble of the tongues of the Elves
House of DurinMost noble of all Dwarvish lines
House of FinrodThe nobility of Nargothrond
Lady of LórienA noble title of Galadriel
MinalcarThe Gondorian noble who became Rómendacil II
OrchaldorA nobleman of Númenor
OromendilA nobleman of early Númenor
Prince of BelfalasA noble title among the Gondorians
QuenyaThe ancient and noble tongue of the High Elves
SorontoA nobleman of Númenor’s early history

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