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GandalfThe Grey Pilgrim

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Base Master of TreacheryA title given by Gandalf to Sauron
Battle of the PeakGandalf’s battle on the peak of the Silvertine
Elf of the WandThe origin of the name ‘Gandalf
Enemy of SauronA title of Gandalf
Flame of AnorA power wielded by Gandalf
Foe-hammerThe translated name of Gandalf’s sword Glamdring
GlamdringThe sword of Turgon and Gandalf
Grey FoolDenethor’s scornful title for Gandalf
Grey MessengerA title of Gandalf
Grey PilgrimA name for Gandalf
Grey WandererA title given to Gandalf
GreyhameGandalf’s surname among the Rohirrim
IncánusGandalf’s name in the south of Middle-earth
LáthspellGríma’s insulting name for Gandalf
MithrandirGandalf, the Grey Wanderer
North-spyA questionable title of Gandalf
OlórinGandalf as he was in his youth
ShadowfaxThe grey-silver steed of Gandalf
TharkûnThe Dwarvish name for Gandalf
The GreyGandalf’s colour
White RiderGandalf astride Shadowfax

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