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Sauron forged the One Ring c. II 1600, and it was destroyed on 25 March III 3019; Saruman revealed his Ring on 10 July III 3018
Both originally Maiar of Aulë (though Sauron had long before changed his allegiance to Melkor)
Sauron's Ring was made in the Sammath Naur of Orodruin in Mordor; Saruman's was presumably made in Isengard
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Both Sauron and Saruman


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A title for the makers of Rings of Power

A title given to the Dark Lord Sauron, who forged the Ruling Ring in the Fire of Mount Doom. Having tricked the Elves of Eregion into constructing Rings of Power of their own, Sauron poured a great part of his own native strength into his own Ring, creating an artefact of immense power to control the wills of the bearers of other Rings. Sauron ultimately failed in his plan to dominate the Elves, but the Ring that he had made was still surpassingly powerful, and especially strong at bending the wills of Men. With it he created the Nine Ringwraiths that would be his greatest servants through the centuries until the War of the Ring.

Though Sauron was the master Ring-maker, there was one other in Middle-earth who claimed the title. Saruman the Wizard studied the lore of the Rings deeply, and appears to have constructed a lesser Ring of his own, though the nature and powers of Saruman's Ring remain in the realms of mystery.

Saruman When Gandalf went to Isengard before Saruman's treachery had been revealed, Saruman claimed a range of titles, and among them was 'Ring-maker'. The Wizard had made a special study of the Rings of Power, and on his finger at that time he wore a ring of some kind, all of which strongly implies that he had constructed a Ring of Power of his own.1
Sauron The Ring-lore of Saruman had its ultimate source in the knowledge of the Dark Lord Sauron, who originally devised the Rings of Power as a means of exerting his control over the peoples of Middle-earth. Though he had a part in instructing the Jewel-smiths of Eregion in the making of their Rings, Sauron was truly the Ring-maker when it came to the greatest of all the Rings, the One Ring. Forged in the Fire of Orodruin and imbued with a great part of Sauron's own native strength, its purpose was to dominate others, especially the holders of the other Rings of Power.



It is hard to escape the conclusion that Saruman had indeed made a Ring of Power, or at least a magical ring of some less powerful kind. It seems not to have been particularly effective, however, since it is never mentioned again after this encounter with Gandalf. Given that a property of the One Ring was to dominate the minds of others, it is possible that Saruman's Ring worked in a similar way, magnifying his already strong powers of persuasion. If this was the case, though, Saruman succeeded in keeping the fact entirely secret.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 26 April 2016
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