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Known to be extant in III 3019, but presumably dated back into the history of the Third Age1
Lamedon lay to the south of the White Mountains, eastward of Erech
Lamedon is pronounced 'la'medon'
Lamedon is an ancient name of uncertain meaning
Title of
Angbor, and presumably other lords before and since


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Lord of Lamedon

A leader of Gondor's hill-folk

Lamedon was a region of central Gondor on the southern slopes of the White Mountains, around the headwaters of the river Ciril. Peopled at least in part by grim Men from the mountain slopes, this land was sufficiently important to have its own lord; at the time of the War of the Ring, that lord was a Man named Angbor.

When the other lords of Gondor sent their soldiers to the aid of Minas Tirith, Angbor remained behind (from Lamedon only a few fighters made the journey, noted as having no captain, so they may not have been sent by the Lord of Lamedon at all). The reason for Angbor's reluctance is not explained - perhaps he was concerned about raiders from the coasts - but he was no coward. When Aragorn passed through his land with the Dead, he was one of the few with the courage not to flee. After the Dead had passed, he followed Aragorn's command and led four thousand Men to Minas Tirith in preparation for the final march to Mordor.



All we can say for sure about the Lordship of Lamedon is that there was a lord in place there during the War of the Ring, because that lord, Angbor, took an active part in the War. The land of Lamedon dated back through the Third Age, and it seems reasonable to presume that Angbor had forebears or predecessors dating back through that Age, though none of them is explicitly mentioned. Indeed, the name Lamedon came from the time before the Dúnedain settled Gondor, so it is even possible that there were lords of this region in place even before the founding of the South-kingdom.


As one of the more ancient parts of Gondor, and in close proximity to the White Mountains, it is plausible that a part of the population of Lamedon were descended from the Men of the Mountains rather than the Dúnedain. This may even apply to its Lords, though the fact that Angbor had a Sindarin name suggests that the lords at least were of Númenórean stock.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 17 September 2016
  • This entry is complete

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