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Founded II 32, destroyed II 3319 (endured 3,287 years)
In the Great Sea, between Middle-earth and Aman
Created by the Valar as a reward for the Edain who fought beside the Eldar in the Wars of Beleriand
Ruled by the House of Elros
Important peaks
A reference to the Star of Eärendil, followed by the Edain on their journey across the Sea
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Land of the Star

The island home of the Númenóreans

Map of the Land of the Star
General map of Númenor, the Land of the Star1
General map of Númenor, the Land of the Star1

A name for Númenor, dating back to the time of its founding. After the cataclysm that brought the First Age to its end, the Valar prepared a new home for those Edain who had fought against Morgoth in the War of the Jewels. In the year II 32, many of the Edain sailed away from Middle-earth, heading westward across the Great Sea guided by the shining light of the Star of Eärendil in the far western sky. Thus one of the names they gave their new home was Elenna·nórë, the Land of the Star (a name commonly abbreviated to simply Elenna, or 'Starwards').

Though the name 'Land of the Star' was derived from the historical migration of the Edain, it was peculiarly apt for their new land. The island of Númenor had five tapering promontories extending out in a near-symmetrical pattern, and together these five headlands gave the entire island a shape very close to that of a five-pointed star.



The geography shown here follows a detailed map of the Land of the Star in Unfinished Tales, but also includes a few additions that are mentioned in textual sources but not shown on that map. These additional elements include the city of Ondosto, and the road running from Rómenna to Andúnië, which are well described, but not shown on any map.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 27 August 2023
  • This entry is complete

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