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The first King was established no earlier than III 1856;1 the last King, Eorl, instead became the first King of Rohan in III 2510
Lords of that part of the Northmen of Rhovanion who removed into the Vales of Anduin
Descendants of Marhwini
Ultimately settled at Framsburg at the sources of Anduin
Éothéod is pronounced approximately as 'aya'thayod'
Éothéod means 'horse people'
Other names
Title of
Up to six named (and further unnamed) rulers of the Éothéod after their departure from Rhovanion


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King of the Éothéod

Leader of the horsemen of the North

Northmen of


The known Kings of the Éothéod and their descent from the Northmen of Rhovanion. It was Marhwini who first led a group of that people out of Rhovanion into the Vales of Anduin, but not until the time of Frumgar did they settle in the far north, in the land known as Éothéod. Names of the Kings from Frumgar's time are shown in bold text.

A title for the ruler of the Éothéod, a branch of the Northmen who lived in the lands around the sources of Anduin. The title is only explicitly given to Eorl, the King who led his people southwards and founded the realm of Rohan, but it presumably dates back to the time of Eorl's ancestor Frumgar, who first brought his people to settle in the Northlands.

For a detailed list of the known rulers of the Éothéod, see the entry for Lord of the Éothéod.



The exact date of the founding of the Éothéod is uncertain, but this people established themselves in response to events in III 1856, so the line of Kings probably dates from around that time. It should be noted that the rulers of this people were more usually referred to as Lords of the Éothéod (only Eorl is explicitly titled 'King') so it may be that the tradition of royal rule did not arise until later in the history of this people.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 11 April 2010
  • Updates planned: 1

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