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Late First Age; known to have been alive between I 538 and I 5421
Probably a Man2


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One of the companions of Eärendil

One of three mariners who sailed with Eärendil on his great voyages in the closing years of the First Age. With his companions Aerandir and Falathar, Erellont sailed with Eärendil on his ship Vingilot from the Havens at the Mouths of Sirion in the year I 534. Their quest was to find a way into the West and come to the Valar, but all their efforts were frustrated, and their captain Eärendil had portentous dreams that persuaded him to set course back to Middle-earth after four years at sea.

As they approached the coasts of their home, the mariners saw what seemed to be a star flying across the waves to meet them, but reaching their deck, the star transformed into Eärendil's wife Elwing. The Havens of Sirion had been assaulted by the Sons of Fëanor, seeking the Silmaril that was held there, but by the power of Ulmo Elwing had escaped with the shining Jewel and flown in the form of a white bird across the ocean.

Knowing now that their homes were destroyed, Erellont and his fellow mariners turned Vingilot once more towards the West, and through the power of the Silmaril they passed the traps and enchantments that hid Aman from mortal mariners. Coming at last to the coasts of the Blessed Realm, Eärendil stepped ashore, but he would not allow Erellont or his companions to follow, though Elwing insisted on accompanying him. So Eärendil passed with Elwing into Valinor, leaving their three companions aboard Vingilot.

At this point Erellont passes out of history, but according to older accounts he, together with his two remaining companions, was given a new vessel and sent back across the Great Sea by the Valar. What became of Erellont after his return to the Great Lands remains unknown.



These were the dates of Eärendil's final and successful voyage into the West. Erellont served as a mariner aboard Vingilot, so he must have been born at least some twenty years or so before that ship set out in I 538. After Eärendil's arrival in Aman, Erellont and his companions were returned to Middle-earth, and presumably lived for some time after I 542, but we know nothing of their lives after that date.


The Silmarillion tells us almost nothing about Erellont and his companions apart from their bare existence. Their Elvish names might be seen as a hint that they were Elves, but the fact that they did not dare set foot in Aman (and in older versions of the tale were sent back to Middle-earth) strongly suggests that they were Mortal Men.


The name Erellont is never explained, but given his profession as a mariner it very likely contains an element connected to Sindarin lhunt, meaning 'boat' or 'ship'. His name therefore possibly means 'lone ship' (so perhaps he gained it after his return as a reference to the fact that he sailed on Vingilot).


About this entry:

  • Updated 15 April 2016
  • This entry is complete

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