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This interactive calendar allows you to compare and convert dates from the modern Gregorian calendar and various calendars from Tolkien's work. Just select a date from any of the drop-down lists to see the dates recalculated.


10 March

(Sterday 10 Rethe)

by the Shire Calendar

Modern Saturday 2 March

Shire Calendar
Shire Calendar (adjusted)
Modern (Gregorian) Calendar
Calendar of Bree
Calendar of Númenor
Stewards' Reckoning
Reckoning of Rivendell

Anniversaries and Events

III 3019 An army out of the Morannon captures Cair Andros and invades Anórien.
III 3019 The army of Rohan sets out from Dunharrow.
III 3019 Aragorn leads the host of the Dead across the river Ringló.
III 3019 Frodo and his companions watch the armies of Minas Morgul set out.
III 3019 Faramir returns to Minas Tirith, and is rescued from the Winged Nazgûl by Gandalf.
III 3019 The Dawnless Day.



In Appendix D of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien says, '...March 25, the date of the downfall of the Barad-dûr, would correspond to our March 27, if our years began at the same seasonal point.' In fact our years do not begin at the same point, but this 'Adjusted' date represents the date as it would be on the Shire Calendar if they did.

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