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Date of origin uncertain;1 survived in some form2 to at least the end of the Third Age
Running straight west to east through Mirkwood, to the south of the Mountains of Mirkwood
Created by the Longbeard Dwarves
Built to connect the Dwarves' settlements in the Misty Mountains with those in the Iron Hills
Other names
This Dwarf-road is not to be confused with an earlier road, also known as the Dwarf-road, that ran westward out of the Blue Mountains into East Beleriand


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The long east-west road beneath the trees of Mirkwood

Map of the Dwarf-road of Mirkwood

The old road that followed a straight path through the forest of Mirkwood. Its history is unclear, but it seems to have been built by the Dwarves as a route between their cities and colonies on either side of the forest.



We have records of the Dwarf-road existing as early as the Second Age, when it served as a way for the Dwarves to travel from their mansions in the Misty Mountains to the Iron Hills beyond Greenwood the Great. The great Dwarf-city of Khazad-dûm in the Misty Mountains dated back into the First Age, and it is plausible that the Dwarf-road, too, was made even before the end of the Elder Days.


The Dwarf-road still existed at the end of the Third Age, but by the later decades of that Age it had become effectively unusable. A series of earthquakes attributed to Smaug in nearby Erebor, coupled with unusually heavy rains, caused the Long Marshes to extend southwards down the river Running and along the eastern edges of Mirkwood. Where the Dwarf-road emerged from beneath the trees, the roadway was lost among the waters of the marshes.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 4 June 2021
  • Updates planned: 1

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