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I 4201 - I 460 (lived 40 years)
'Fiery prince'


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The father of Morwen Eledhwen

The outlaws of Ladros

A descendant of Bëor the Old, who was the father of Morwen Eledhwen and thus the grandfather of Túrin Turambar. He escaped the Dagor Bragollach, and afterwards dwelt for a time as an outlaw among the highlands of Dorthonion with his uncle Barahir and a few companions, until they were betrayed to Sauron and slain.



Baragund's date of birth does not occur in any canonical sources. The figure shown here is from the genealogical tables accompanying the Later Quenta Silmarillion in volume XI of The History of Middle-earth.


While Baragund's elder sister does not appear in The Silmarillion, her existence is established in various sources (most notably Aldarion and Erendis, where she is named 'Bereth' and described as an ancestor of Erendis of Númenor). Her name shows some variation, but 'Beleth' appears to be Tolkien's intended spelling.


In The Silmarillion, Christopher Tolkien's genealogical chart shows Belegund to the left of Baragund, suggesting that he was the elder brother. However, in all other sources (including many references in the text itself) Baragund is given primacy. It appears, then, that the Silmarillion chart is arranged for convenience of layout, rather than being intended to show the relative ages of the two brothers.


About this entry:

  • Updated 8 January 2009
  • This entry is complete

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