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In the Gap of Rohan, some fifty miles southward from Isengard
Originally fell on the borders of Gondor; later defended by the Rohirrim
The ford lay approximately halfway between Isengard to the north and the Hornburg to the south
The river Angren (Isen) flowed southwards through the ford before turning westward toward the Great Sea
a'thrad a'ngren
'Ford of Isen'1 (Isen means 'iron')
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Map of Athrad Angren

The Elvish name for the crossing of the river Isen that lay some miles directly to the south of Isengard. This was the point where the Great Road from Gondor to Arnor crossed the river in ancient times, and it was here that the Rohirrim met Saruman's armies in two ferocious battles during the War of the Ring.



This Elvish name comes from athrad ('ford' or 'crossing') and Angren (literally 'iron', the name of the river crossed by the ford). This was actually not a single crossing but a pair of fords, separated by an island in the middle of the river, and for this reason the crossing's English name is usually given in the plural as 'Fords of Isen'. There was also a pluralised form of the name in Elvish, and in Sindarin plurals were formed by modifying the vowel sounds within a name, so the singular Athrad Angren 'ford of Isen' was also seen as the plural Ethraid Engrin, 'Fords of Isen'.


About this entry:

  • Updated 16 June 2024
  • Updates planned: 1

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