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Made before the first rising of the Sun;1 reforged in I 490 or shortly thereafter; broken I 499
Made by Eöl the Dark Elf, presumably in Doriath2
Originally made and used by Elves, but latterly borne by Túrin Turambar, a Man
a'nglachel ('ch' as in German 'Bach')
'Iron of the flaming star'3
Other names
Known after its reforging as Gurthang, Iron of Death


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The mate of Anguirel

'Iron of the flaming star', the sword forged by Eöl the Dark Elf and borne by Beleg of Doriath. It was later reforged as Túrin's black sword, Gurthang.



We can date Anglachel to the years before the first rising of the Sun because it was given up by Eöl as a fee, so that Thingol would allow him to dwell in Nan Elmoth outside the Girdle of Melian. The Girdle was raised before the Years of the Sun began, so Anglachel must date from that period, too.


If Anglachel was part of Thingol's price for allowing Eöl to go and dwell in Nan Elmoth, it follows that it cannot have been made there. Given this fact, it must surely have been forged in Doriath in the time when Eöl dwelt in that land with his kin.


The 'flaming star' in Anglachel's name is a reference to its origin. With its mate Anguirel, it was made from exceptionally strong iron recovered from a fallen meteorite.


About this entry:

  • Updated 26 April 2003
  • Updates planned: 2

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