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The use of this name presumably dated from III 2002,1 when its associated city was renamed as Minas Tirith; the city itself (as Minas Anor) dated back to the closing years of the Second Age
An outlying hill at the eastern end of the White Mountains, eastward of Mindolluin
ah'mon ti'rith
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Amon Tirith

The Hill of Guard

Map of Amon Tirith

The rocky hill on which the city and fortress of Minas Tirith was built. The steep-sided hill had been worked by the expert stonemasons of the Dúnedain to create a city of seven levels, with a sharply narrowing buttress of stone passing up through all seven of those levels.

The name Amon Tirith must be a later coining (from Minas Tirith, the name given to the city in III 2002 or soon afterwards). Before that point, the city was known as Minas Anor, and the hill was therefore presumably called Amon Anor, but no direct evidence for this earlier name exists.



The timeline for this article shows the period when the hill would have been known as Amon Tirith. Of course, the hill existed before this date, and it would have had at least one earlier name (unrecorded, but perhaps Amon Anor from the former name of the city). Plausibly, it may have had a yet earlier pre-Númenórean name dating back to the days before the settlement of the Dúnedain.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 22 September 2014
  • This entry is complete

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