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Born I 3371
Originally Estolad, but later served Maedhros on Himring
a'mlach (ch as in German 'Bach')


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A leader of dissent at Estolad

"I have now a quarrel of my own with this Master of Lies, which will last to my life's end."
Words of Amlach
from Quenta Silmarillion 17
Of the Coming of Men into the West

In the years after they crossed the Blue Mountains into Beleriand, the Men who would become known as the Edain dwelt mainly in encampments at Estolad, south of Nan Elmoth. There, they were divided into two factions - the Elf-friends, who argued that Men should ally themselves with the Eldar against Morgoth, and the dissenters who wished to leave the war to the Elves.

Among the leaders of this dissent was Amlach son of Imlach, a descendant of Marach. When a council was held to debate the issue, one appearing to be Amlach spoke forcefully against joining the Eldar in their war. After the council, though, it was discovered that Amlach had not even been present, and the speaker had been an emissary of Morgoth that had taken on his form. Amlach's anger at this deceit caused him to join the party of the Elf-friends, and he went north to Himring to enter the service of the Elf-lord Maedhros.



We have very limited biographical information about Amlach. The date of birth shown here comes from a genealogical chart in volume XI of The History of Middle-earth; we have no corresponding date for his death.


Amlach's name follows the phonetic pattern of his father Imlach and grandfather Malach. His name thus appears to come from the Mannish tongue Taliska spoken by this people, and is not therefore clearly interpretable.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 21 May 2011
  • This entry is complete

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