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Oceanus Procellarum

Ocean of Storms, Mare on the Moon

Feature onThe Moon
Feature typeMare (Lunar Sea)
Lunar coordinates30 - 85° W, 50° N - 13° S
(The boundaries of this feature are not always distinct, especially on its eastern edge, so these coordinates are approximate)
DimensionsArea c.2,100,000 sq km
Bounding featuresCopernicus, Hevelius, Letronne, Mare Cognitum, Mare Humorum, Mare Imbrium, Mare Nubium, Montes Carpatus, Montes Riphaeus, Sinus Roris
Significant interior featuresAristarchus, Herodotus, Kepler, Planitia Descensus, Vallis Schröteri
Other interior featuresAngström, Bessarion, Brayley, Briggs, Cardanus, Dechen, Eddington, Euclides, Flamsteed, Freud, Galilaei, Hansteen, Harding, Herigonius, Hermann, Hortensius, Humason, Krieger, Kunowsky, Maestlin, Marius, Lichtenberg, Milichius, Montes Harbinger, Naumann, Nielsen, Reiner, Rima Cardanus, Rima Marius, Rimae Aristarchus, Rümker, Russell, Schiaparelli, Seleucus, Struve, Suess, Ulugh Beigh, Väisälä, Wichmann, Wollaston, Zinner
NotesThe largest of the Moon's seas, and the only one classified as an 'ocean', covers an area of more than two million square kilometres, greater than that of the Gulf of Mexico on Earth.
Map of Oceanus Procellarum

A vast grey plain in the Moon's western hemisphere. Its appearance on the Moon's face during the second quarter was thought to herald bad weather, hence its name. Around its edges are numerous minor seas and bays, of which the largest is the southern Mare Nubium, the Sea of Clouds. Its northern edge is defined by the line of the Carparthian Mountains, which separate it from the huge Mare Imbrium.


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