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Magellanic Clouds

Nubeculae Magellani

Proper NamesLarge Magellanic Cloud, LMC, Nubecula Major
Small Magellanic Cloud, SMC, Nubecula Minor
Messier NumbersNone
NGC/IC NumberLarge: None
Small: NGC 292
ConstellationsLarge: Dorado and Mensa
Small: Tucana
Right AscensionCentred on:
Large: 5h 23m 50s
Small: 0h 58m 12s
DeclinationCentred on:
Large: -68° 47' 36"
Small: -72° 44' 51"
DistanceLarge: c.158,200 light years (c.48,500 parsecs)
Small: c.199,000 light years (c.61,000 parsecs)
MagnitudeLarge: Apparent: +0.6, Absolute: -17.8
Small: Apparent: +2.6, Absolute: -16.3
Mean DiameterLarge: Apparent: 16.3° (actual: c.45,500 light years)
Small: Apparent: 4.0° (actual: c.14,000 light years)
Hubble TypeIrregular (each Cloud appears to be disrupted Barred Spiral)
Optimum VisibilityLarge: December / January
Small: October
(Both Clouds are usually visible from southern latitudes)


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