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Six days between 29 Foreyule to 2 Afteryule on the Shire Calendar (19 to 24 December on a modern calendar)
Hobbits (and apparently also some Men)
From Old English géol, probably meaning 'rebirth', and tid, 'period of time'


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The Hobbits’ Yule holiday

For the Shire-hobbits, the ending of one year and beginning of the next were marked by two special days, the Yuledays. Around them was held a midwinter festival that spread across six days. On the Shire Calendar, this would have run from 29 Foreyule to 2 Afteryule, encompassing both Yuledays. The festival coincided with the Winter Solstice, so the six days of Yuletide were also the six shortest and darkest of the year. After Yule, the days would gradually lengthen until the approach of spring.

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