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The flagship of Vëantur

One of the ships sailed by the Númenórean mariner and adventurer Vëantur, who was most famous for making the first voyage from Númenor back to Middle-earth in II 600. That voyage was made on the vessel Entulessë, the 'Return', but for his later voyages to Middle-earth, Vëantur used a new ship named Númerrámar. That name translates as 'West-wings', and no doubt represented the vessel flying over the waves to Middle-earth out of Númenor in the West.1

It was upon the ship West-wings that Aldarion, then grandson of the reigning King Tar-Elendil, first sailed the Great Sea. Vëantur took Aldarion on a voyage to Middle-earth in II 725, and from that time the young lord grew passionate about seafaring. When Vëantur retired from his voyages, he gifted Númerrámar to Aldarion, who captained the vessel himself on the first of many voyages he commanded to the shores of Middle-earth.



The name 'West-wings' may also have been influenced by Eärrámë, 'Sea-Wing', the name of the ship in which Tuor and Idril sailed into the Uttermost West. Tuor was the direct ancestor of the Kings of Númenor, so the name of this ship had special relevance to the Númenóreans.

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